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Famicompo Pico 4 begins!

Today begins the new iteration of the annual NES music competition, Famicompo Pico!

Famicompo Pico is a Famicom/NES music competition that has gone through various incarnations, with many historic entries and participants. You, too, can become a part of NES music history!

You can enter at our page here! Remember to read the rules and to be a good sport. Try your best, everyone!

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FCP1 and FCP2 archived, website news

It was brought to my attention that FCP2014 and FCP2015’s mirrors went offline. This issue has been rectified, and both now have a permanent home on this website. They are both accessible through the Famicompo Pico 3 website and through the Famicompo Archives.

There are no official dates for Famicompo Pico 4 at this time, though we aim to host this year around September.

In other website news, we’ve been (extremely slowly) working on a wiki and a discussion board. More on that later… perhaps in a month or two.

That’s it for now. Keep calm, keep being awesome and keep your chin up!


EDIT: if you’re interested in being a contributor to the wiki, feel free to message me on Discord. I’m Ivysalt#8197

EDIT 2: The archives have permanently moved to this website. Also, the wiki is temporarily closed.

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Site finally installed!

It took a long time, but the site is finally up. Expect actual content in the following days.


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