Welcome to famitracker.org!

Welcome to the unofficial FamiTracker website. FamiTracker is a Windows sound tracker made for creating NES/Famicom music.

The official website can be found at famitracker.com and the official 0CC-FamiTracker website can be found at hertzdevil.info.

We just hosted Famicompo Pico 3! You can check the results out here. Thanks for playing!

Feel free to visit us at our Discord chat!

Please bear with us as we tidy up this space.

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BambooTracker – a new OPNA tracker with great usability and even greater potential

A newcomer to the plethora of music-making programs, BambooTracker by rerrahkr is the first music tracker for the YM2608 (OPNA), a soundchip which combines 6 FM channels, 3 SSG channels, a custom PCM channel (not implemented yet) and 6 channels of preset drums. The YM2608 was most famously used in the PC-98. BambooTracker openly takes …

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Wiki now open for editing!

The famitracker.org wiki is now open for registration! Feel free to create an account and contribute. We also plan to start regularly posting here about chiptune, old hardware and music in general! Stay tuned for more updates.

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FCP1 and FCP2 archived, website news

It was brought to my attention that FCP2014 and FCP2015’s mirrors went offline. This issue has been rectified, and both now have a permanent home on this website. They are both accessible through the Famicompo Pico 3 website and through the temporary Famicompo Archives. There are no official dates for Famicompo Pico 4 at this …

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Site finally installed!

It took a long time, but the site is finally up. Expect actual content in the following days. ~dpc

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