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Qxy and Rxy are direct note slide effects that slide to the next note at a user-definable speed. It is used as an alternative to 3xx. y is the number of semitones to sweep to, x is the speed at which the slide should be performed.

Qxy slides up to the next note by decreasing the frequency register by 2x+1 per tick. Rxy slides down to the next note by increasing the frequency register by 2x+1 per tick.


C-4 00 F ---
--- -- - ---
--- -- - Q54
--- -- - ---
--- -- - ---
--- -- - R19

C-4 is note, 00 is instrument number, F is volume. Quickly slides to E-4 at row 02 (C+4=E) then slowly slides to G-3 at row 05 (E-9=G).

C-4 00 F ---
--- -- - Q6C
--- -- - Q6C

Quickly slides from a C-4 to a C-6, a distance of two octaves.


  • 2A03 has a bug that resets the duty phase when switching between certain frequencies. This can be heard as a pop and might be noticeable when using vibrato or pitch slides across those frequencies.
  • It is not necessary for one note slide to finish before starting another; it is possible to slide large distances by "stacking" note slides across consecutive rows.
  • Note slides have no effect on instruments that define their own arpeggio or pitch sequences, unless that sequence has finished before the Qxy/Rxy effect is processed.
  • Performing a note slide will implicitly cancel any portamento on the channel it is used.

Effect list
0xy - arpeggio 1xx, 2xx - pitch slides 3xx - portamento 4xy - vibrato
7xy - tremolo Axy - volume slide Bxx - jump to frame Cxx - stop
Dxx - skip frame Exx - volume Fxx - speed and tempo Gxx - note delay
Hxy, Ixy - hardware sweep Hxx - FDS modulation depth Ixx, Jxx - FDS modulation speed Pxx - fine pitch
Qxy, Rxy - note slide Sxx - mute delay Vxx - duty/noise/wave mode Wxx - DPCM sample speed
Xxx - DPCM sample retrigger Yxx - DPCM sample offset Zxx - DPCM delta counter