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Pxx - fine pitch offset setting. xx = offset, 80 is default. New frequency register will be subtracted by (xx - 80). Even though different chips may have different pitch tables, which are reflected in the instrument macros, values greater than P80 will always raise the pitch, and lower than P80 will always lower it, though not necessarily by the same amount across different expansions.

Effect list
0xy - arpeggio 1xx, 2xx - pitch slides 3xx - portamento 4xy - vibrato
7xy - tremolo Axy - volume slide Bxx - jump to frame Cxx - stop
Dxx - skip frame Exx - volume Fxx - speed and tempo Gxx - note delay
Hxy, Ixy - hardware sweep Hxx - FDS modulation depth Ixx, Jxx - FDS modulation speed Pxx - fine pitch
Qxy, Rxy - note slide Sxx - mute delay Vxx - duty/noise/wave mode Wxx - DPCM sample speed
Xxx - DPCM sample retrigger Yxx - DPCM sample offset Zxx - DPCM delta counter