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The Module properties window is used to configure subtracks in your modules as well as some other options related to the module as a whole.

Module Properties

Module Properties.png

Song editor

The area to the left displays all the subtracks in your current module.

  • Add: Adds a new subtune to your module.
  • Remove: Deletes the currently selected subtrack from your module. This cannot be undone.
  • Move up/Move down: Moves the currently selected subtrack up or down within the list of subtunes.
  • Import file: Allows you to add all subtracks from an external .FTM file to the current module. Upon importing you have the option to import all instruments from the imported module into the current module. Selecting No will retain the current instruments instead, which can cause undesired playback.
  • Title: Renames the currently selected subtrack.

Expansion Chip

This drop-down menu allows you to select either the internal sound chip (2A03/2A07) only, or to add an external expansion chip to your module. This options affects all subtunes in your module.

WARNING: Removing an expansion or changing it to another will delete any data from the current expansion in all subtracks, and can NOT be undone.


This drop-down menu switches between the default Bend up & down mode, or the legacy Bend up mode from older versions. This affects all subtracks in the module.

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