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FamiTracker is a Windows sound tracker made for creating NES/Famicom music. The music can be exported to NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) which is possible to play on the NES/Famicom hardware. A NSF player makes it possible to play these files on a PC/Mac.

Source is avaliable under the GNU General Public License (GPL)

Some features

  • Full realtime emulation of the 2A03 channels; using blargg's band-limiting library for high quality sound
  • Four track-effect columns per channel is available
  • MIDI device support
  • NSF file export, makes it possible to use music in NES applications or play on NES
  • VRC6, VRC7, MMC5, FDS and Namco 163 expansion chips emulation

FamiTracker Help
Sound hardware - Instruments - Configuration - Pattern editor - Toolbar - Control panel - Menus - Key commands - Module properties - NSF exporting - Text import and export - Effect list - Importing DPCM - Command line - Change log