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NSF (Nintendo Sound Format, invented by Kevin Horton) is a type of file used to represent NES music. To create NSF files, select Create NSF from the File menu to open the NSF export window. The song information box allows you to set song name, author and copyright, as present in NSFs. These are also the text field that are found in the main tracker window.

One optional setting is available: create PAL song. It'll set the PAL flag in the exported file.

Beside NSF, a few other formats are also available.

  • NSF - Creates a NSF file.
  • NES - Encapsulates the NSF into a NES file that can be played in emulators or with the PowerPak.
  • BIN - Stores only the music data and DPCM samples in separate files, for use with the NSF source.
  • PRG - Creates a single 32 KB program file, ready to be used with a NROM-compatible cart for playback on NES hardware.

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