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This page regroups all the effects available in FamiTracker and its forks into a convenient table, and lists quick usage info for each one. For more details about one effect in particular, click on it to be redirected to a page with a more detailed explanation of that effect.

The effects

Effect number Description
0xy 1-Tick Arpeggio, x = second note, y = third note
1xx Pitch slide up, xx = speed (00 to disable)
2xx Pitch slide down, xx = speed (00 to disable)
3xx Automatic portamento, slides to new notes xx = speed (00 to disable)
4xy Vibrato effect, x = speed (0 to disable), y = depth
7xy Tremolo effect, x = speed (0 to disable), y = depth
Axy Volume slide, A0x = slide down, Ax0 = slide up
Bxx Jump to pattern xx
Cxx Halt, stopping the song (xx doesn't do anything)
Dxx Skip to next frame and start at row xx
Exx Volume setting. Obsolete, use the volume column instead
Fxx Speed/tempo, sets the speed when xx is between 00 - 1F, and tempo when xx is between 20 - FF
Gxx Note delay, delay before the current row is triggered, xx = ticks to wait
Hxy Hardware sweep up, triggers a hardware sweep up (only available for square) x = period (0 - 7), y = shift (1 - 7)
Ixy Hardware sweep down, triggers a hardware sweep down (only avaliable for square), x = period (0 - 7), y = shift (1 - 7)
Hxx FDS modulation depth
Ixx/Jxx FDS modulation speed (high part & low part)
Pxx Fine pitch, xx = offset (80 is default)
Qxy Note slide up, x = speed, y = number of semitones
Rxy Note slide down, x = speed, y = number of semitones
Sxx Mute delay, xx = ticks before mute
Vxx Square duty/noise mode/N163 wave, xx = 00 - 03 for square, 00 - 01 for noise and 00 - 0F for N163.
Wxx DPCM sample speed override, xx = sample playback speed
Xxx DPCM sample retrigger, xx = delay in ticks
Yxx DPCM sample offset, each step adds 64 bytes
Zxx DPCM delta counter, changes the delta counter directly, affects volume of noise and triangle. xx is between 00 - 7F

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