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FamiTracker control panel

Frame Editor

The section on the left is the Frame Editor (also known in other trackers as the Order list). In FamiTracker parlance, a frame consists of a set of pattern numbers for each of the module's channels. Unlike most trackers, each channel uses independently assigned patterns, which helps optimise file size by allowing reuse of repeated segments in a module without having to copy & paste them over to a new frame.

There is a maximum of 128 patterns for each individual channel.

To switch pattern, press the "+" - or "-" buttons below the Frame Editor, or the "Num +" & "Num -" keys while the cursor is focused on the channel you want to change the pattern on. If "change all" is checked, all channels will switch, regardless of where the cursor is. To move between frames within the pattern editor, use Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+Left.

Song Settings & Edit Settings

The Song Settings is where you set up speed & tempo, the number of rows per frame and the number of frames in the module. Numbers can be entered manually by double-clicking the boxes (regular editing is protected to avoid accidental modifications).

Note: The speed & tempo split-point is currently set to 32, but files created in older versions of the tracker will have this point set to 20. This was changed to give a access to a larger speed range since the speed command sometimes is more useful than the tempo command. It is possible to toggle this split-point with the command Ctrl+Shift+S if you wish to change it in the current module.

The Step setting changes the step behaviour when moving the cursor in the pattern editor. Key repetition enables key repeat behaviour. Use Ctrl+Num+/Ctrl+Num- to change.

FamiTracker Help
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