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FamiTracker may be invoked from the command line to open a file, or to export an FTM to another file type.


FamiTracker [FTM filename]

This command line will start FamiTracker and open the specified FTM document.


FamiTracker [FTM filename] -export [export file] [log file] [DPCM file]

This command line will export the specified FTM file to the specified export file. Any messages created by the export process will be sent to the specified log file. After exporting, FamiTracker will close without opening its main window. This is intended for automated processing of FTM files.

The type of export is determined by the file extension used. Known export file extensions: NSF, NES, BIN, PRG, ASM, TXT. If the export file extension is not known, the first custom export plugin will be tried instead, if available. The DPCM file is only required for BIN export; it is ignored in other cases.

Disable crash dumps

FamiTracker [FTM filename] -nodump

This command will disable the crash dump generation, for cases where these are undesirable.

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