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1xx and 2xx are used to start pitch slides upwards and downwards, respectively, and can be used on any channel except DPCM. xx sets the speed of the slide, with higher values resulting in faster slides. 00 disables any previously activated slide, regardless of direction (e.g. 200 will equally stop a 1xx slide and vice versa).

Note: The internal 2A03 chip has a bug that resets the duty phase when switching between certain frequencies. This can be heard as a pop and might be noticable when using vibrato or pitch slides across those frequencies.


C-4 00 F 101

C-4 is note, 00 is instrument number, F is volume. Pitch will slide up slowly, starting from C-4.

C-4 00 F 220

Fast pitch slide down starting from C-4.

Example files

Icon ftm.png Pitch slides — slow slide up and down, fast slide up and down

Effect list
0xy - arpeggio 1xx, 2xx - pitch slides 3xx - portamento 4xy - vibrato
7xy - tremolo Axy - volume slide Bxx - jump to frame Cxx - stop
Dxx - skip frame Exx - volume Fxx - speed and tempo Gxx - note delay
Hxy, Ixy - hardware sweep Hxx - FDS modulation depth Ixx, Jxx - FDS modulation speed Pxx - fine pitch
Qxy, Rxy - note slide Sxx - mute delay Vxx - duty/noise/wave mode Wxx - DPCM sample speed
Xxx - DPCM sample retrigger Yxx - DPCM sample offset Zxx - DPCM delta counter