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Freestyle Original
Freestyle Cover

Due to database errors, submission has been extended to 7 August 2017 23:59:59 UTC. Affected entrants are listed >>here<<.
Please resubmit and contact me if you are on the list. Best of luck to everyone!

After much anticipation and delay, Famicompo is finally back!

Famicompo is a Famicom/NES music competition that has gone through various incarnations, with many historic entries and participants. You, too, can become a part of NES music history!

Due to the sudden unexpected timing, Famicompo Pico 3 will last for two months! FCP 3 starts on the 15th of June and ends on the 31st of July before midnight.

The four categories are original, cover, freestyle original and freestyle cover.

Original and cover entries must be submitted in NSF format. All expansions are permitted.

Freestyle entries must be submitted in MP3. The 2A03 must be noticable in the song. Simulation and signal processing are allowed.

Winning entrants in the originals category under 64KB (2A03-only) will be put on a special FCP3 cartridge playable on any NES, or a Famicom with an adapter. One cart will be awarded to the winner of each category! More details will be available by August 1st!

TWITTER: #fcpico3 // IRC: #fcpico3 (@ irc.esper.net) // Discord: #famicompo-pico-3 (famitracker.org server)

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