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Famicompo Pico is a worldwide contest celebrating Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom music. It was born from the roots of "FAMICOMPO" by joseph and "famicompo mini" by K->. All composers are invited!

Submit as many entries as you like for 2 months starting June 15th! Contest ends on the 7th of August 2017 at 23:59:59 GMT.

There are four categories:

Additional rules:
• ORIGINAL and COVER categories must be submitted in NSF format, with all expansions permitted.
• FREESTYLE categories must be submitted in MP3. 2A03 can be simulated, but must be prominent in the song. Signal processing to the 2A03 portion is allowed.
• Entries must not have been previously released in public outside of Famicompo Pico, including other compos.
• (Troll entries will be shot on sight.)
Try your best!~

• [DARK CREDO] After posting, keep traces of you making the song concealed until results are posted. We encourage you not to advertise publicly that you made so-and-so song, especially in a manner that shouts "OH HAY I MADE ENTRY NO. XX". This rule will be more strictly enforced this year.

Winning entrants (or as many as possible) in the originals category under 64K will be placed on a special FAMICOMPO PICO nes cart which can be played on any american or european NES, or a Famicom with an adapter. one cart will be given away for free to the winner of each category! More details will be available by August 15th!

Best of luck to everyone!

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